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The Rough Riders Motorcycle ClubTM is a traditional motorcycle club.  As a member of the motorcycle community, we are respectful of all and affiliated with none.  The Rough Riders Motorcycle ClubTM  is dedicated to veterans’ causes and POW/MIA issues and awareness.  Our mission is to support all veterans, veteran groups, and veteran hospitals.

Our club is composed of veterans from Vietnam through Afghanistan and has many Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard personnel.  Our motorcycle club is not just made up of veterans. Non-Veterans who share our values and goals are welcome - but are limited in numbers.  We welcome all that are interested in veterans or POW/MIA issues and can contribute something to our club and cause. Prospective members must be sincere and devoted to helping veterans in some form.

The original Rough Riders Motorcycle Club TM members were members of a California chapter of an East Coast veterans motorcycle club.  In 1992 ten members splintered off and formed their own club.  They carefully followed the protocol of asking all the other surrounding clubs if they had any problems with the name, colors, and purpose - none objected.

We have chapters in North America and in the foreign lands of Okinawa, Japan, Germany, Korea, and the Persian Gulf.  The club’s current membership numbers are kept a secret, but the club continues to grow. As one of the Co-Founders once said,  "We're growing because there are a lot of bikers out there who care, and are supportive of veterans' rights."

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